A Makers' teacher.


I'm Andrea, and I teach.

  • pattern design
  • Pattern customization and fit
  • Garment construction
  • design sewing patterns

I teach on my YouTube channel: youtube.com/@sewtofit

I teach to members of the Sew-To-Fit Learning Hub on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Sewtofit

If you have a question, you can schedule a private consult.  These times are for you to get help and direction on a challenging project or immediate answers.

I charge $85 for a full hour.  Book a session with me.

Thanks so much for checking out my new blog.  I hope to give you ideas for optional designs you can create with any pattern you purchase from my shop.  

There are plenty of videos on my Youtube channel to watch that will help you learn many tips for creating and fitting any pattern, including the Sew-To-Fit Patterns.

In addition to those learning opportunities, I also offer weekly lessons for Patreon members. My live-stream videos on youtube are a podcast-style "Sew&Chat" time for current events, news, studio updates, project discussions, and general chats to unite our community.

I look forward to you returning to reading the upcoming post.



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