Welcome Sew-Fitters... and supporter of Sew-To-Fit,

I'm Andrea, the creator and designer behind all the action that comes from my studio.  

Thanks so much for checking out my new blog and tip sheets.  I hope to give you ideas for optional designs you can create with any pattern you get from me.  

There are plenty videos on my Youtube channel for you to watch, that will help you learn loads of tips for creating and fitting any pattern, including the Sew-To-Fit Patterns.

I usually live-stream on Saturday evening two time each month from 6pm CST to 7pm.  We sometimes go over.  The videos are always there for you to watch if you can make time.

In addition to those learning opportunities, I also offer weekly lessons every Wednesday.  You can find out more about how you can participate and receive a free pattern each month to join along with our sew-alongs and activities.

I certainly look forward to you coming back to read the next post and keep up with all that is Sew-To-Fit.